A crossover project of nLOSTnFOUND x WhATaBOUTBLaCk. "the BICYCLE ; the RIDE ; the Lost ; and the FOUND". Life is like a bicycle ride, from places to places; what you see is not what it is, seek the depth beyond the surface. Visual empowers vision; they not only catches your eyes and touches your soul, it reflects your inner-self. Reveal each layer to experience the inspiring surprises and surprising inspirations of life..... the lost and the found might be just around the corner.

20 different tote bags in 2 sizes with bicycle images captured around the world with special quotes composed for each individual bag. Exclusive limited edition ONLY available at nlostnfound shop, drop by and pick your favorite ones!

Horizontal Size: 15"W x 13"H with 4" gusset at the bottom
Vertical Size: 15"H x 6.5"W

Visit nlostnfound shop and find your favourite tote bag with a special quote : G/F 3 St. Francis Yard Wanchai Hong Kong. Or you may shop online:

View more snaps at

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Beautiful line Pamela!
Luv the graphics~

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